The queer Imp (Poem)

Shot in the woods and it felt like in space;
Deep and dark , running but the wolves continues to chase.
Couldn’t see even a beam to find me a way.
I knew he loved me but had to do it cause couldn’t be a gay.
Waved my hands with hopes someone to get me back;
But the more i stretch the more it’s black.
Arms wrap me but toes still froze;
Surely my body has become prickle of black rose.
But had to escape cause they have the thrill for the kill.
And those hungry wolves looking for me uphill.
Remember those scars, thought it wasn’t his fault.,
Just realized thou skin was en-vault.
But how did he love me that now he’s hunting my life?
Is it true, with me he always had a knife?
Lord, that demon was always on my back cord .
Wish for nothing but sake says give me a sword .
His face i remember trying to get close,
the strategies he made couldn’t be more gross.
Not just me but you were behind all the other guys,
after me, others die and your perspectives rise.
Gotta nix you, put your ideas in lull;
But wait i see blue eyed white wolves, they cull
Is this is where i end?
Is this is where i die?
Wolfs bowed, ‘ majesty! thee rule us’ almighty send.
Bowed down, Praise the lord that my devotion comply.
Now he watch me appear, and there i assassinate;
My sword passes his cord, and hideous ideas i bate.
All your ally who wore your skin,
Now that you are out of one’s misery, their face have a grin.
You could be a gay but your approach amiss;
There was a crowd for your bliss.
May infinite spirit correct you, and you be healed
I pray you born in an unmistakable weald.








A leaf of mine gets detached from me,

A withered tree is all I can be.

Slowly and gently on the soil, it fell,

While I watched my life turning to hell.


How green and cheerful I used to be,

A jolly girl for the world to see.

Giggling, playing and running around,

With feelings, so profound.


“A girl mustn’t laugh like that” they say,

“And why is that” I ask right away.

“That is just how you have to be”,

With that, a leaf of mine gets detached from me.


The sun was setting, I stepped outside,

They grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside.

They yelled “You can’t go out at this hour”,

And with that, I lost a flower.


Walking back from college, knowing being stalked,

I was kidnapped, blind folded and tightly locked.

They raped me, over and over those pigs,

And with that, I lost all my twigs.


I was married to a guy, rich and respected,

He was one of those pigs who had me abducted.

How can I forget those threats, kicks and those punches?

My very own husband took down all of my branches.


A small plant starts growing beside me,

Not knowing what she has yet to see.

I am withered but not completely dead,

So I shake off the remaining leaves and lie on my bed.


May she consume all my leaves and grow strong,

May she become the person I couldn’t be all along.

For her future O-lord, I pray to thee,

And the last leaf of mine gets detached from me…





Creativity is the ability to view something in a new way; to see and solve problems others may not know existed, and to engage in physical and mental experiences that are new, different and unique.

Children are creative. There is no limit to their imagination. They are creative because they do not have the fear of being wrong. One can be creative only if he or she is prepared to be wrong. Schools do not teach us about the bad. In fact, students’ mistakes are often treated with disdain. We are educated to think ‘inside the box’.

Firstly, we need to understand that intelligence is diverse, dynamic and distinct. Schools want students to answer questions in a particular way. And if they do not answer the way they’re taught, they are chastised. So, we as students don’t want to be wrong. While there are so many ways to answer a question, we choose to answer the way everyone else does. Examinations ensure we paste on paper whatever information we have stored in our brain. We are then graded, and defined, by them.

Parents start worrying about their wards’ future success from the day they are born, trying to get them into the best school. We have to interview for a spot in Nursery. Picture this: a four-year-old sits with his parents, résumé in hand, while the unimpressed panel flips through it with a ‘that’s it?’ expression on their faces. The four-year-old now realises that his life is a numbers game.

If a creative person is holed up in school for six hours, he or she naturally gets uneasy. The school immediately classifies the student as an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) case. Creative children are often considered sick children. We need an education system that creates circumstances where children can explore and work on their talents. Only a handful of adults do what they love. They do not call what they do for a living a ‘profession’. Most people ‘settle’ as opposed to enjoying what they pursue. We hear stories of famous people who were never good in studies but are now millionaires and enjoy their work. Human flourishing is not a mechanical process, but an organic evolution.

Like a farmer who cannot predict the production of crops, but creates conditions for them to grow, likewise, our schools should create such conditions so that a child can explore his or her talents, and find out what they are passionate about.

Our talents and creativity are suppressed by homework and exams. I remember quitting the football academy because I was told studying for my class 10 boards was important.

Even after a few years had passed, I still could not figure out why I was put through the wringer for my boards? Was it so I could brag about my results in front of the extended family?

India’s education system does not require reform as it would just improve a broken model. We do not need an evolution; we need a revolution. Creativity in education is as important as literacy. It deserves the same status.

The girl never took interest in studies, but she was good in the arts. While drawing in class, her teacher asked with an unpleasant look: “What are you drawing?” “I am drawing the picture of God,” she replied innocently. The teacher frowned: “But no one knows what God looks like!” “They will in a minute,” the girl retorted.

Creative people make the world a better place





Can you imagine the world without any of the digital gadgets that we use so often nowadays? I cannot and I certainly do not want to because it will be like going back to the Stone Age. Growing up, we have all heard stories from our grandparents, parents, or any adult. They tell us about how they lived, some lessons they learned, and some incidents in their life. When I hear the stories, it fascinates me for they had so much fun and so much adventure in their life. Then a thought creeps me out: they did not have the internet! That is a horror story for me. They lived most of their lives without the internet and I can’t stand a day without my phone.

I am a sportsperson or, better, I should say “was a sportsperson”. I used to stay out of the house playing football, joining academies, and coming back all sweaty. Or I read novels. And here I am now lying in my bed messaging people and playing virtual games. Rather, my enjoyment of life stems from my intense involvement in the well-being of my character in the game and my village in the Clash of Clans. My WhatsApp’s “last seen at” status would be ‘eight seconds ago’ while my textbook’s last seen would be “eight months ago”. Digitalisation came as a boon and gradually changed its shape to end up as a bane to the society.

These are purely my personal opinions and I do not intend to go against digitalisation. Digitalisation is not to blame here. If there is anyone to blame then, it is us who use the gadgets, not the one who invented it. Mobile phones were made to save time; was that hard to believe? All I heard from my parents is that it is a waste of time. Digitalisation had one motive, that was to help us and save our time and energy. And like always, we people find a way to misuse things and the worst part: we always succeed. Cameras were made to capture beautiful memories but now we tend to live in the pictures rather than moments. A person who knows how to maintain a balance between the physical life and virtual life is the happiest person on this planet.

How many times have we thought: “For just five minutes more I will check my messages, then I will go down to play.” The next time you look at the clock your five minutes magically converted to five hours. “Do you have a mobile?” asked the girl. “No, my parents have, I use it when I need it,” came the reply. “Do you have a laptop?” she inquired, and the boy’s reply didn’t change. The girl continued: “What do you have then?” “A life!”, said the boy. The girl grinned, “Good! I need it in candy crush.”

Kids learn to operate a computer much before they start learning alphabets. This is a pointer that the next generation will be even worse than ours at living rather than just breathing. When I grow up, I will not have any stories to share with my kids. I will not have memories to recollect when I will be sitting in a rocking chair and carrying a stick around. All I would remember is that I reached level 50 in that game which will not matter at all.

Digitalisation is fascinating, amazing like a dream, but if we keep this dream for long we will be sleeping forever.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

One said ‘internet’, other said ‘food’.

Being a teenager, long I stood,

Can you guess which road I took?

I shall be telling this with a sigh,

Somewhere ages and ages hence.

I took the road more travelled by,

The road which said internet.




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